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You can usually pay NPCs for training up to a certain level. For example, visit your local blacksmith's shop and you should be able to learn some of their trade via their Context Menus. You will be expected to pay for these services, of course, though the Gold requested is a pittance. The gold amount is 1 GP per 1/10 of skill with the highest amount of skill costing 400 gold for 40 skill points. Each skill has an individual cap of 100 points, though in some cases this can be extended by using Power Scrolls. You can raise each skill also with a skillball bought from premium book with citygold which doesnt requiere to skill it, it will be instant raised. Availables skillballs exists from 0-100 skill, 100-120 skill (no ps needed in this case) and 120-145 skill.

Alchemy Anatomy Animal Lore Animal Taming Archery Arms Lore
Begging Blacksmithy Bowcraft/Fletching Bushido
Camping Carpentry Cartography Chivalry Cooking
Detecting Hidden Discordance
Evaluating Intelligence
Fencing Fishing Focus Forensic Evaluation
Healing Herding Hiding
Inscription Item Identification
Lockpicking Lumberjacking
Mace Fighting Magery Meditation Mining Musicianship
Necromancy Ninjitsu
Parrying Poisoning Peacemaking Provocation
Remove Trap Resisting Spells
Snooping Spellweaving Spirit Speak Stealing Stealth Swordsmanship
Tactics Tailoring Taste Identification Tinkering Tracking