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In order to tame a creature you must be standing within two tiles of it with no obstructions, then target it with the skill. Once taming has begun you may stray anywhere up to around ten tiles away (not sure on the exact amount) from the target though if it loses sight of you or is injured in any way the attempt will cease. After a few seconds you'll be notified of either your success or failure. While most animals are non-hostile and can be tamed at any time, most taming attempts against a monster will instantly fail. In this case there's no wait time before you can try again so it's best to set a macro and use this over and over as fast as you can until you successfully start the taming process.

Training: Training taming is a very slow process in that it can only be improved through active use. It takes several seconds to attempt to tame a creature, and when you succeed you cannot gain off that creature again. In most cases it is best to take this as a starting skill for your character should you wish to use it. In order to increase the spawn rate of new targets you should release and then kill each as you progress. You may find keeping some of them under you control to help cull the others helps matters.

0-30: - train at NPC animal trainer

30-45: - cows & sheeps (cows outside of britain in a pen / in yew are few pens with sheeps)

45-60: - hinds & timber wolves (tame arround the zoo in moonglow)

60-75: - walrus & polar bears (tame at island of deceit)

75-100: - bulls ( at delucia west outside of town)

100-110: - kirins for male and unicorn for female chars (at grimswind ruins in malas)

110-120: - cu shide only for elves (inside mushrom cave at ilsh near spirit. gate, if human you can add rope to your gloves to only ride them them.

A faster but more costiv way of training animal taming is to craft items from a brush which you can buy from animal trainer. This way to gain you may need a lot of empty bottles buy from alchemist, dyes from tailor, brush from animal trainer, leather, boards and iron ingots.

0-30: - buy from animal trainer

30-60: - Tame Animals or buy from player vendors jewels with + animal taming till u get 60 taming

60-80: - start crafting unique pet days

80-100: - make rare pet dyes

100-110: - make pet leashes

110-120 - make hitching posts

Albino Pets & Monsters are 10% stronger as normal Pets or Monsters

Pet Bonding

Feed your pet the right food. Check prefered food with animal lore.

Keep it safe (stable, shrinked in house or bank) for 7 real days.

Feed it again after 7 days and it will bond to you.

Use [bondtime to see day and time when your pet will bond.

Pet Loyality

Always feed your pets.

If you don't feed your pets they will go wild.

A wild gone pet you can find at Lost City Museum on the roof inside the pet pen.

That's where released and wild pets will go.

If you are lucky and no one killed it you can try retame it from there.