Zombie World

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The Entrance of the Zombie World you will find North-East Corner of Bank in Lost City.

Beware Death awaits you there!!!

How to leave Zombie World:

Alive: If you are alive doubleclick the stone wall (any part of it) to destroy it and walk through the dungeon portal.

Death:if you are death you can walk through the stone wall and leave through the dungeon portal.

Zombie World is in a Parallel world that means you cant recall, sacred journey or gate travel out.

If you die in there you will be cloned into an infected body he will carry all your uninsured items.

To get your items back you need to kill and loot your infected.

In the Zombie World you will find Death and some Grim Reapers. Grim Reapers can have random 1-3 BoS and some organic on loot.

Death is hard to kill i suggest you group up to kill Death. Death is hard to kill and ment for veteran players, new players should not go there.

Pedestal of Lights you should use when killing Death it prevents him from healing himself but also takes some hp from you when you doubleclick it.

Death will spread some pest arround him, also he will make you burn wich could easily kill you and he will summon his minions which you should kill.

If you sucessfully killed a Death he will spawn a chest on ground which you can pick up.

Inside the chest you will find randomly some Badges, Gold, Black Cloth, Elexier of Death, Souls (for Vendor Stone on top of LC Bank), Deaths Scythe, Ressurrection Stones

or very rare a special Etheral Steed that leaves some fire on ground when riding it.

Elexier of Death you can fill into an empty alcohol bottle and drink it. It will give you 1 Damage when you drink it. As older the elexier is as more dmg it will do you in time.

Death has a respawn time of approximately 12 hours.

For every day it will add 1 Damage to you.

In this area you cannot place houses.