Vendor Stones

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Almost all Vendor Stones in Lost City you will find on top of the Lost City Bank.(except Donation Stone this one is in front of the LC Museum)

To buy from vendor stones it is not neccessary to have the currency in your mainbackpack you just need to have it in your bank as Gold, CG, BoS, Bones, Leather or whatever currency is requiered

Vendor Stones for Gold

Vendor Stones for Badges of Slaying

Vendor Stones for City Gold

Vendor Stones for Souls

The following 2 can be found in front of Lost City Bank:

Double click the stones and it will exchange instantly (no window will pop up) the amount it currently cost, prices go up with each use but gradually go down with time.

NEW* Vendor Stone Exchange BoS into CG

NEW* Vendor Stone Exchange Gold into CityGold