Tree Seed System

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How to obtain a Tree Seed?

By chopping Trees with an axe ( if planted in house and you want to chop it use command "i wish to release this"), randomly a seed could appear in your backpack.

A plain Tree could have a slight chance to give the next higher Tree Seed.

Also if you see a planted Tree Seed it can be stolen from where you have planted it.

It is recommended to chop the tree down dont leave the stump it has chance to drop a seed and you ensure a new tree can spawn back at any random spot.

How do you plant a Tree Seed?

Doubleclick the Seed and than target the ground you wish to plant it, if you planted it successfully you will see a bump looking tile.

You can also plant a tree seed inside your home on grass tiles if you have a customized house with grass floor build.

High safety for thiefs if your house is on private and you must have walls builded arround and a roof or second floor.

Also remember player can teleprt through metal fences if you place them on yardtiles thats no safety for stealing them.

For Castle owners you can plant on the green arround inside the castle but player with flying ships may still have chance to reach there even if house is on private,

but if you cover all blocks on yard tiles with plants, trees or hedges it becomes more safe and it reduces chance of being stolen.

How does the seed grows?

Once the Seed is planted you do not need to take care of it, no watering or curing with potions is needed as in flower plants.

But haveing an eye on them want be bad since a planted Seed can be digged out again by anyone else.

The Tree Seed will grow in stages, every stage would take 3 days till next Stage appears.

1st Stage A Seedbump (3 days). Can be digged out and Stolen by anyone.

2nd Stage A small Tree (3 days) and doesnt show the color of the tree yet. Can be chopped down and destroyed by anyone.

3rd Stage A bigger Tree (3 days) and can be chopped down and destroyed by anyone. Will not give Board amount of a Fully Grown Tree and no Seed.

4th Stage A Fully Grown Tree. Will show color of the tree. Can be chooped down and destroyed by anyone. Will give you 60 Boards and one Seed.

The new Seed has a bit higher Chance to be a lower Seed of the parenttree and a lower chance to be a higher seed than the parenttree.

Note: Trees do respwan on its own thats why you should chop it completly down also the stump. If you leave stump they will not spawn where stumps are.