The Lost City Shard

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The Lost City is our main custom town north of Yew Trammel

When you first log in to our shard you will start in the middle of lost city near donation stone.

North of you is the Museum with a pet pen on top(where realeased pets will spawn) and the museum has a hidden dungeon in the underground.

West in front of you, you will find our Custom Quest Table with custom quest books, also further almost every NPC to train your first skills.

Opposite the Quest Table you will find our custom Portal Room with portals to main bank, trainings centre, all dungeons on every facet, new player hunting area and much more.

East of the portal room is an entrance to our special museum which has some nice colors in it to buy.

East of our donation place you will find the Lost City Bank which has on top several vendor stones and is used as an auction place too.

Further at the North-East corner you will find the entrance to the Zombie Land- beware do not walk inside unless you want to die.

To Escape the Zombie land you have to doubleclick the wall with any weapon.

So if you are new to Lost City Shard have a look arround and explore a bit.