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Stats, an abbreviation of statistics, refers to the 3 statistics all characters have in varying amounts, as follows:

Strength – Determines how much can be carried, amount of melee damage, and number of Hit Points;

Dexterity – Determines Stamina and is important for skills such as Snooping and Parrying;

Intelligence – Determines the amount of Mana a player has and can affect skills such as Magery.

Skills each have primary and secondary stats associated with them. If both stats associated with a skill are set to raise on your character, the primary stat will increase 75% of the time, while secondary stats will increase 25% of the time. If the primary stat associated with a skill is locked, however, the secondary stat will be chosen to raise.

Skill Primary - Stats Gain Secondary - Stats Gain
Alchemy Intelligence Dexterity
Lumberjacking Strength Dexterity
Anatomy Intelligence Strength
MaceFighting Strength Dexterity
AnimalLore Intelligence Strength
Magery Intelligence Strength
AnimalTaming Strength Intelligence
Meditation Intelligence Strength
Archery Dexterity Strength
Mining Strength Dexterity
ArmsLore Intelligence Strength
Musicianship Dexterity Intelligence
Begging Dexterity Intelligence
Necromancy Intelligence Strength
Blacksmithing Strength Dexterity
Ninjitsu Dexterity Intelligence
Bowcraft/Fletching Dexterity Strength
Parrying Dexterity Strength
Bushido Strength Intelligence
Peacemaking Intelligence Dexterity
Camping Dexterity Intelligence
Poisoning Intelligence Dexterity
Carpentry Strength Dexterity
Provocation Intelligence Dexterity
Cartography Intelligence Dexterity
RemoveTrap Dexterity Intelligence
Chivalry Strength Intelligence
ResistingSpells Strength Dexterity
Cooking Intelligence Dexterity
Snooping Dexterity Intelligence
DetectHidden Intelligence Dexterity
Spellweaving Intelligence Strength
Discordance Intelligence Dexterity
SpiritSpeak Intelligence Strength
EvaluateIntelligence Intelligence Strength
Stealing Dexterity Intelligence
Fencing Dexterity Strength
Stealth Dexterity Intelligence
Fishing Dexterity Strength
Swordsmanship Strength Dexterity
Focus Dexterity Intelligence
Tactics Strength Dexterity
ForensicEvaluation Intelligence Dexterity
Tailoring Dexterity Intelligence
Healing Intelligence Dexterity
TasteIdentification Intelligence Strength
Herding Intelligence Dexterity
Tinkering Dexterity Intelligence
Hiding Dexterity Intelligence
Tracking Intelligence Dexterity
Inscription Intelligence Dexterity
Veterinary Intelligence Dexterity
ItemIdentification Intelligence Dexterity
Wrestling Strength Dexterity
Lockpicking Dexterity Intelligence