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Defeating the Harrower grants stat scrolls, which increase the maximum total stats a character can gain. The highest-level stat scrolls are +25s, and the lowest are +5s.

You must take them in order now, you cant take a +25 stats scroll instantly need to start from +5, +10, +15, +20, +25;


The Harrower is not a mere spawn that you go battle, he must be summoned. To do so, you must first collect the 6 Champion Skulls,

Skull of Greed Blue Skull (Vermin Horde Spawn, Barracoon the Piper),

Skull of Venom Green Skull (Arachnid Spawn, Memphitis),

Skull of Death Red Skull (Unholy Terror Spawn, Neire the Necromancer),

Skull of Pain Yellow Skull (Abyss Spawn, Semidar),

Skull of Power Brown Skull (Cold Blood Spawn, Ice Champ, Rikktor), and the

Skull of Enlightenment White Skull (Forest Lord Spawn, Lord Oaks) place them on the Star Room altar at Terethan Keep by doubleclick on the altar than target Skull.

Once completed, a black moongate will open revealing the Felucca dungeon the Harrower picked for battle. Here is a list of all locations where he may nest:

Covetous - Level 2 in the large central chamber or Level 3 in the Throne Room

Deceit - Level 1 in empty room near the entrance or Level 2

Despise - Level 2, South of Orge Lord Island

Destard - Level 1, either in the main area or in the back near the shrine

Fire Dungeon - Level 1 in the cemetery or Level 2 near the center

Hythloth - Level 3 on the blood pentagram or Level 4 near the center

Shame - Level 3 in front of the West or East Mage Towers

Terathan Keep Underground - In the swamp where the Nightmare spawns

Wrong - Level 2 in the mess hall