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As new player you have 330 overall Stats cap. This changes into 335 max. Stats Cap after 30 Days. This can be increased to 365 with a Stats Scroll from Horrower.

Following Stats Scrolls exist +5, +10, +15, +20 and +25.

You must take them in order now, you cant take a +25 stats scroll instantly need to start from +5, +10, +15, +20, +25;

Each Stats is caped at 125 but you still have the chance to raise it to 160 each but only with bonus on levelable gear and this requires that you took the Stats Scroll Set before.

How do I get a stat scroll?

To obtain one of these scrolls you must defeat the Harrower.

In order to summon the harrower you need to gather 6 skulls from various champion spawns.

You need the Skull of Greed its Blue (Vermin Horde Spawn,Barracoon the Piper), Skull of Venom its Green (Arachnid Spawn, Memphitis), Skull of Death its Red (Unholy Terror Spawn, Neira),

Skull of Pain its Yellow (Abyss Spawn, Semidar), Skull of Power its Brown (Cold Blood Spawn, Rikktor), and the Skull of Enlightenment its White (Forest Lord Oak Spawn).

You then must either go through a gate that spawns at the end of a champion spawn, or Run manually to the Star Room in Terethan Keep in Felucca.

Once you place all the skulls, step into the gate that appears and you will be teleported to the location where horrower spawns.

The Harrower will be located in random felucca dungeons. You will be teleported to the dungeon he spawns at you now only need to look where he is inside and defeat him.