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The 'Lost City' itself, is a multi-purpose city, custom made and located north of Yew, Trammel. In the Lost City you can find almost every NPC type you will need to train your first skills.

The city has a bank with vendor stones on top, (Vendor stones will allow you to buy such things as add-level deeds for levelable armor, weapons.) Also available in the city; Custom quests, vendor mall, museum with underground dungeon, big vendor marketplace, a show room with custom mobiles and artifacts, clothing hue room, an auction house and last but not least, a portal room with sparkling gates to all Trammel, Felucca, Ilshenar and Tokuno dungeons, mining zones, new player fighting area, dojo (training center), level store room and to a few champion spawn locations.

No Skill Cap. Each skill can be raised to 145 on The Lost City Shard. Stats Caps are at 335 without Stats Scroll and 360 with all Stats Scrolls. (Note: You cannot over-cap with jewelry.)

Fast skill gains.

Insurance is only 100 gold per item.

PvP or Pk-ing is allowed but only in felucca and not during events.

On this Shard you are allowed to have up to 3 Accounts with each 5 characters. If you make more they might get banned.

With each account you are allowed to own 1 house (for more you will need house extension deed no upper limit).

Further you are allowed to train skills, level pets, gear or gather resources while being AFK, BUT NOT GOLD if we catch you gathering gold afk there will be action taken.

Note: All animals and monsters can enter your houses so make sure to build fences and doors.

Following features you will find on Lost City Shard:

  • Play in 2d or 3d
  • Pet Breeding System
  • Levelable armor and weapons
  • Bio engineering (including human bios)
  • New player dungeon
  • Training center
  • Hunger System
  • BoD system
  • Weapon Coating
  • Distillery (alcohol brewing)
  • Flying ships
  • Archeology digging
  • Custom quests
  • Portal room to most common dungeons and few champ spawns
  • Random tree spawning and tree planting