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Tailor Runic Tools

*Note: Added Ethereal monsters to the world, on kill they drop a random runic tool with 5 uses, any of the onces down listed (except Ancient Smith Hammers only Runic Tools)

Can be obtained from Tailor BoDs:

Spined Leather Runic Sewing Kit 45 uses

Horned Leather Runic Sewing Kit 30 uses

Barbed Leather Runic Sewing Kit 15 uses

Blacksmith Runic Tools

Can be obtained from Blacksmith BoDs:

Dull Copper Runic Hammer 50 uses

Shadow Runic Hammer 45 uses

Copper Runic Hammer 40 uses

Bronze Runic Hammer 35 uses

Golden Runic Hammer 30 uses

Agapite Runic Hammer 25 uses

Verite Runic Hammer 20 uses

Valorite Runic Hammer 15 uses

Ancient Smith Hammer

+10 Blacksmith Hammer 600 uses

+15 Blacksmith Hammer 600 uses

+30 Blacksmith Hammer 600 uses

+60 Blacksmith Hammer 600 uses

Carpentry Runic Tools

Can be obtained as random loot from Master of The Art Champ

Also from Carpentry Bulk Order Deeds

Pine Runic Saw

Ash Runic Saw

Mohogany Runic Saw

Yew Runic Saw

Oak Runic Saw

Zircote Runic Saw

Ebony Runic Saw

Bamboo Runic Saw

Heartwood Runic Saw

Bloodwood Runic Saw

Frostwood Runic Saw

Deathwood Runic Saw

Master of the Arts has a chance to drop an Ancient Carpentry Hammer, which has a bonus of either 10/15/20/25 and comes with either 1/3/5/10 uses (a random combination of the two).