Rules of House Decay

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Since there is no automatic house decay on our shard, we decided to make custom rules for it.

Houses inside of Lost City

Only a few player got the privilege to build house inside Lost City cause of space limitation no one can get a house placed there anymore.

Some of them left and there is no automatic house decay so we came up to sell them for CG on player request.

Houses that have been bought and placed inside Lost City can be sold after the house owner has not been online for at least 365 days.

So if you are interested in a house inside Lost City you may contact the shard owner (Unass), he than will see if the player wasn't online the last 365 days.

If this happens the house will be sold on en extra announced auction for City Gold only.

Further only the empty plot will be sold so don't think you might gather any of the belongings you see there now.

Another option could be you try to contact the house owner yourself to workout a deal with him before it gets sold.

Some of them might have an registered account on forum to get their email address or try ingame [pm and hope he logs in to see this.

Houses outside of Lost City

Houses you see outside of Lost City have no automatic decay but they can be deleted on player request.

Only if the player wasn´t online the last 365 days.

If you see a place where you may wish to place a house but there is a house already there you may have to contact shard owner (Unass).

He than will see if the house owner was not online the last 365 days.

If so the players house will be deleted to make space for a currently player to place his house there.

This only happens if a player requests for a specific place (plot)

There will not be any random deletions of player houses from the shard owner.

If you lose your plot than only if a player requested for the spot where your house was.