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1. No blocking. This means no restricting access to areas by placement of houses, objects, yards, magic, or any other form of blocking that we haven’t thought of including houses and private property. Also, no blocking players dead or alive or in-between. Doesn’t matter if you’re in Felucca. Res killing is not our problem, you can always run away from it.

2. No swearing. No swearing on the public chat system or in high public traffic areas (such as The Lost City,) or during GM hosted events or whatever you might call them. No one will care if you swear on guild chat, party chat, or private chat, just keep the chatting in public or in public areas clean.

3. Don’t insult people personally. If you’re friends we don’t care. However, if your insults start getting reported it won’t end well.

4. If you find yourself in a situation that you do not want to be in, remove yourself. Staff will not moderate squabbles between players and/or guilds. If you complain of harassment, and it is found that you did not try to remove yourself from the situation by every means possible, (including ignoring that player on the chat system and in the client) your request will be ignored. This includes most “res-killing” situations.

5. Don’t exploit. Obviously we can’t always know if you cheat, but if you do exploit, just know that you are not really helping the shard by doing it. Also if we catch you cheating there may be consequences.

6. GM Favors. Don’t ask GM’s for favors or for resolving player issues. GM’s can’t help you with politics.

7. No Spamming. Do not spam the forum or in game.

8. Situational punishment: There are no strictly defined punishments for any offense on our system. All punishment is decided by the staff members overseeing the situation. If we decide that a situation not listed here is in violation of our system policies in any way, shape or form, we reserve the right to suspend or remove your account from our system.


1. If you are polite and don’t insult people there is a greater chance you will get further, make more friends, have more gold, and obtain more of everything.

2. Manners and common courtesy will always help.

3. If you don’t like PVP stay away from Felucca. It is the only place for PVP and if you can’t accept the fact you can be killed and looted please don’t go there it will save us all an unpleasant talk. (Warring guilds may PVP anywhere.)

4. Insure your stuff please. Insurance costs 100 gold per item so take advantage of it.

5. Items don’t just disappear; however, in the case you still think they have try to remember if:

- If the item was secured and locked down or not.

- If the item was insured or not.

- If you gave it to someone or placed it in the bank or chest somewhere.

- In the case that it was secured/ locked down/ insured and you still think you lost it we will investigate.

- If it was Level Item, try to remember what level it was, what kind of item it was and last known location or place you had it.

- Send a help request with following information: Time/ Date/ Item Name/ Levelable and Level/ Location/ or for any other issue.

-Contact Unass through the forum. Using [pm Unass in chat is also a possible contact method. Or simply use the help menu. Staff members are not usually on 24 hours a day so a good contact time is usually around 8-9pm EST.