Pet Leveling

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Pet Training:

As pets fight they will gain experience points. As they gain experience, they will gain levels. At each level, the pet will gain some variable amount of ability points for the owner to distribute to that pet's stats, resists, damage, etc- the amount is completely random. Pets only gain experience from physical attacks at this time. They won't gain experience from magic attacks, nor will they gain experience from fighting players, or trainers in the training dojo. At the Dojo you can train your pets for combats skills lore and knowledge. The amount of experience gained per attack is based on the creature it is fighting. If the creature is weak, the pet will gain a small amount of experience each attack. If the creature is strong, the pet will gain a larger amount.

Information Window

A pet owner can click once on a pet and open "NPC Info" from the context menu. From this menu you can see a lot of information about your pet: Level, Max Level, Next Level, Ability Points, some other basic information about your pet, and a few buttons to interact with your pet. If the pet is at or above level 9, you will see a button for pet breeding (The pet breeder can be found in Lost City near Animal Trainer). The second button will allow you to distribute any ability points your pet may have (click the red diamond to bring up the ability point distribution menu). The third button will simply allow you to exit the menu.

Ability Points

Once you have the ability points distribution menu up, you will have options on where to apply your pet's ability points. Some options might be locked depending on your pet's level. As your pet gains in levels, it will unlock more options on where to apply ability points. You may save the ability points for later, as they can be applied at any time. Remember pets can only be breeded till lvl 50 thats the breeding cap.


Level-1… Hitpoint, Stamina and Mana / HP-Cap 1000, Stamina-Cap 500, Mana-Cap 1000

Level-9…Mate Pet

Level-10…All Resistance / Pet Resistance

Level-20…Min and Max Damage / Min.17-Max.21 dmg could raise on higher gen

Level-30…Armor Rating / Cap at 70

Level-40…Strenght, Dextery, Intelligence / STR-Cap-1000, DEX-Cap-250, INT-Cap-750


Level ??? Second page Roar, Fire and Poison attack do not work on here or do anything specific.

If you spend points in there they are simply wasted.

Pet Bonding

Players can bond their pet(s) by feeding their prefered food shrink or stable it for 7 real days and feed them again (use [bondtime to see time left till it will bond) or purchasing a Pet Bonding Deed (also a Taming BoD Reward) from blue vendor stone on top of Lost City Bank for City Gold. After buying it, double click that deed and target a pet to bond it to you.


If your pet is not bonded to you, then when it dies it will be gone for good.

If your bonded pet dies, it will be a ghost and can be resurrected. Bonded pets can be resurrected either by:

Pet Resurrection Potion - every hour 1 spawns on table at the Animal Breeder, player Vendors or craft it yourself.

Applying Bandages to a pet - Veterinary Skill must be 80 or higher.

Stat Loss

When bonded pets die, they have a 25% chance to take a death penalty.

The pet can suffer a 5% loss on all stats

If You have some Exp. points left you can bring them up again.