Pet Breeding

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First at all you need a pair of pets 1male and 1female from same type. You need a second tamer Char or a friend which is a tamer. If your pet has not more than 2 Slots you can also do it alone without another player.

For example we want to breed horses 1 has max level 30 and the other 1 has max level 20, i recommend to start with level 30 ones if possible.


Level-1… Hitpoint, Stamina and Mana

Level-9…Mate Pet

Level-10…All Resistance

Level-20…Min and Max Damage

Level-30…Armor Rating

Level-40…Strenght, Dextery, Intelligence

Level-50...Pet Gender Change

I recommend everytime to level your pet till they reached their max level.

First i would make the resists high with the ability point your pets gets for every level keep in mind resistances are hard capped at 80.

Click NPC info on pet and you see what u have unlocked till yet and how many point you can give to it.

So now to our example horses lvl 20 and lvl 30.

Parents Max level you have to count + so 20+30=50…50/2=25 and the baby pet wil get +1,+2 or +3 level.

So this is random if you get +1,2 or 3 levels on your baby less 26 or best 28 we would get on my example.

As u have finished leveling your pet and give out all the ability points on it we can go for

BREEDING: The breeder is in lost city near the animal trainer.

To breed your pet click on the pet open NPC info and press mate pet after this, target the other pet you wish to breed. My friend has the horse level 30 i have the level 20.

Randomly if the Breeder has a good day he will accept the pets,

if not he will tell me they are to strong and i should come again in 12 hours.

As stronger the pets are as more it will cost you.

The Breeding process takes 3 days after that you go with your claim ticket to him and take your baby.

To claim your baby shrink your pets you have out and drop the deed over the breeder.

The parent pets stay in stable till you claim them.

If you want to mate the parents you can do this so after 6 days again.

Max. Breed: Level is caped at level 50

Max. Gen: Generation 10 is max now.

Max. Breeding attempts: 1-3

*NEW:* You can breed albino pets too.

If you breed 2 albino parents they will have 100% of an albino baby.

If you breed an albino with a normal pet it might have a 50% chance to get any albino baby.


Hitpoints - 1000

Stamina - 500

Mana - 1000

All Resists - 80 some exceptions pet resistances

Min. Damage - 17

Max. Damage - 25

Strenght - 1000

Dexterity - 250

Intelligence - 750