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There are 2 primary websites that have a lot of information about Ultima Online.

UO Stratics and UO

Link for New Player Intro Video

Link for New Player Intro Video YouTube

This sites will answer questions such as:

How to lose Young Player Status?

  • Say "i renounce my young player status"
  • Bring your Skills up to 1200 Points
  • after 1 week
  • or by killing another player

Also, how to Leveling one or more skills to 100 points. Using the advanced template to create a character. Where monsters are located. How to use spells. What the abbreviations and terms mean in-game. Loot locations. Almost every how-to question you can think of.

Please use these websites and familiarize yourself with the game if you are new to the UO experience, as it is very difficult to explain the nuances of the game through text chat.

Insure your items. Item insurance costs only 100 GP per item (gold has to be in bank and not as a check) and will place your armor, jewelry, clothing and other insurable items in your backpack upon your death in-game. The 'New Monks Robe' allows for reagent-free casting of spells and will help you level your magical skills quickly but works only as long as you are young player. Duration is 1200 Skill points (combined through all skill type,) or 7 days. So I would suggest you to train Margery first.

First tip: Don’t try to get the best stuff right away. Normal magic gear isn’t as good a levelable gear, but it will get you started and help you to earn the money, badges and skill to get the levelable gear you want. A good way to make some gold as new player are the wood chopping quests, which you can find in Lost City. You can ask in-game some players have some free stuff for new players to get you started, like LRC gear or weapons to train melee skills. (Please remember that constant begging is frowned upon by older players. You must set out and adventure to earn gold initially.) With a weapon and shield equipped you can train melee skills at training center (located by the old 'Britain Bank' there is an animal tamer. On top of his small rookery is a gate to the training dojo.) Or if you are in Lost City follow the green arrow tiles on the ground, they will lead you to the trainings dojo. Remember, most of the armor and weapons that you may use in training melee skills have limited durability. It is best that you disrobe any armor with durability before engaging the training NPC's in combat. You will never die fighting them. Your weapons will wear out but can be purchased at the Blacksmith or Armorer NPC shops. If you meet another new player in the training dojo, go to the new player dungeon located there to beat the boss inside together. This New Player Dungeon will only allow you to enter if your skills are below 1000 points. Rats and Giant Rats reside inside. (I have heard that a nice beginner weapon should drop there.) I also recommend to go to the rat killing zone, the portals there are in lost city gate room and if you take quest-books with you, relating to those specific spawn types, completion of the quests will give you some small starting capital. (Starting quests rewards range from a few hundred to several thousand gold!) Also, the Despise Dungeon is located North of Britain and is a great place for working your middle to high skills prior to having levelable armor. (Level 60 to 100)

Check out the 'New Player Chest's' at 'Lost City Bank', you can access them the first 7 days from starting time. Look or ask around if any vet player has set up a private vendor where you can buy for gold for some items which you normally get from killing easy monsters. I have seen for sale leather, fertile dirt, Zoogi fungus and other such items.

I have noticed many players asking for gear or gold. If you don’t get lucky and there is someone to give you free stuff, the champ teleporters in Lost City are a good bet. In the loot bags that are dropped by people doing the champ is free stuff. It may not be the best equipment in the game, but you might be able to put together a LRC suit or maybe something to go hunting in. The only thing they normally take from those bags are gold and badges so there are normally reagents, arrows, pieces of gear, scrolls and a number of useful items to a new player. (Warning; loitering in the gate room for the purpose of snatching these unguarded loot bags is a quick way to earn a bad reputation as a trash picker. Please be polite and ask if the player leaving the loot bags is actually finished with the contents!)

Useful in-game commands through typed chat system for purpose of looting corpses:

[gr for area loot or [cl for single corpse are your friends. Set a button for it. Use it often. To use [gr successfully you will need 3 types of bags. A gold bag (1500 Gold), badges of slaying bag (20000 Gold)and several loot bags (they cost 21 GP each), both can be bought from the yellow auto loot bag vendor stone on top of Lost City bank. Blue Lootbags can hold up to 125 items or 400 Stones, if you reach any of the limits other loot will drop into your backpack and mess it up. So always carry a few lootbags with you and when 1 is full drop it on ground or into a trash barrel.

Having trouble getting back to your corpse? 2 skills are very helpful in that regard. Hiding and Stealth. With those two skills you can walk back to your body, doubleclick it to loot, and walk out without any monsters seeing you. If you walk through a monster in Felucca you will pop out of Stealth, so be careful. To overcome that little problem, a high Necromancy skill and using the spell 'Wraith Form' can solve it. Wraith form allows you to pass through monsters without being revealed or losing stamina. Hold CTLR+Shift together to find items or corpse easier, especially if corpse is behind a structure or out of sight.

If you don’t have Razor, UOAssist or Easyuo get them. Razor is pretty easy to learn how to use, to use it well takes practice. Easyuo is a little complicated for someone who has never seen a scripting language before, but there are a number of tutorials on their website and Youtube I believe. Once you understand the basics, you can download full scripts from their website (you don’t have to write them yourself, although if you do you will be that much more powerful in-game. With the basics on how the language works you can tweak and fix small bugs in the scripts to adjust for this server.

UOAM is in the lost city client download. Open your lost city folder and check for uoam.exe, double-click to start auto map. Use it – it is a giant map of the entire game world with a little “You are here” dot, showing your current location. If you use it and become comfortable with it, you will greatly decrease your chances of getting lost.

Learning how to mark 'Runes' and naming them for locations that you have visited is still the easiest way to travel. Insure your items. Item insurance costs only 100GP per item and will safe you some troubles. New Monks Robe works only aslong as you are young player so till 1200 Skill points or 7 days. So i suggest to train Margery first.