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Currently we have Blue Lootbag and Master Looter to loot on our shard.

Blue Loot Bags:

Commands to loot are [gr (for area loot) or [cl (for single corpse loot) and [cl -c (used to skin the hides of the monsters).

Blue Loot Bags you can buy from yellow Auto loot Bag vendor stone on top of Lost city Bank for gold.

This system also uses a Gold bag (blessed) and a Badge of slaying bag (not blessed). Anytime you use [gr or [cl gold will go into gold bag directly, badges will go into BoS bag and all the other stuff you loot into blue loot bag (not blessed).

You cannot setup up what you wish to loot with blue lootbag system. The blue lootbag itself only costs 10 GP each.

Once your lootbag is full with 125 items you need to change it immediately otherwise next items will dissapear in your main backpack. To avoid your mainbp to fill with junk always carry more than 1 lootbag with you.

With this Loot system you have to be carefully cause you will get overloaded very easy. So a lot of players put it on ground if it is full and buy a new one.

A remote vendor ball can be bought for 20CG on top of LC bank from CG vendor stone this allows you to link the ball to the auto loot bag vendor stone for example and you can buy wherever you are a lootbag.

This Loot System is used from most new players till the can afford the Master Looter.

Master Looter:

This loot system is much better and easier to handle then loot bag system but costly.

Command to loot is [loot. You can buy the Master Looter (not blessed)from premium book for 100 Citygold it also requires loot charges (bought from auto loot bag vendor stone on top of lost city bank) 100 charges for 10k Gold or 1000uses for 100k Gold and Master Loot Bleesing Charges (bought from blue statue and dying tub stone on top of lost city bank for 1 Citygold which had 10 uses.

Left click on it and click account that way you will be able to withdraw any gold amount in pile or gold check from anywere. (Withdraw from master Looter is not visible on journal or anywhere only in the checkbox you see the withdraw)

Once you got a Master Looter you left-click on it and click account now your name should appear on the Master Looter it is character bounded.

Now you left-click on it and click setup and a menu open where you can choose and setup what you wish to loot.

Click single item and target item you wish to loot from now on.

Click add items common type and target 2 different types of scrolls for example to loot all scroll types from now on.

Click Looting to change looting from list, currency only or everything.

Click Deleting to choose if you wish to delete only empty corpses or all corpses.

Click Active List to change from secondary to primary.

Everytime you use [loot 1 loot charges will be withdrawn from master looter and everytime you die 1 blessing charge will be withdrawn.

Blessing charges will bless everything inside your master looter if you wish not to buy or use blessing charges on master looter all items inside your master looter will drop in your backpack after death, meaning they become lootable for other players in felucca, guildmembers in trammel or for monsters that rummage in corpse at all facets.