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there are two typs of levelable system (Talisman and Lebelable deeds (levelableItem deed, level up.: +1, +5, +10, +15, +20))'


Talisman will level due to fame of the target,

An equipable talisman that gains power when you kill enemies, when it reaches max level it can be applied on any NON levelable weapon or armor instantly making it level 100 with 440 points.

If you want to speed up things you can buy Talisman of power +1 deed it will increase the level of a talisman of power by +1.

- Added "Blessing of the lost" a buff that increases experience gained from kills.

- Double clicking the virtue icon on your paperdoll will now also open the buffs menu.

To gain Exp´s, kill mosters yourself and be sure to wear the talisman you want gain exp if you have it in your back pack it will not work you need to equip it.

If your pet kills a monster you will not get any Exp´s on your stuff.

To use spending points left click onces the item and press information. A window will show up with different attributes you can now add.

Choose your points wisely, a mistake there cannot be reset by you or any GM, this will be a player mistake and not a Bug thats why GM´s dont help in this case.

Look here for the Caps: Item Caps

So with a complete set you shall have 18 level wearable pieces.

Weapon Coating does not cost double spending points anymore.

Levelable deed & level up scrolls

You can only level one levelable item at a time,you can still equip levelable items in multiple slots they just wont gain any exp. The order in which items level is:












Inner Torso,


Middle Torso,




Outer Torso,

Outer Legs,

Inner Legs

Items that are under max level take priority over items with level over or equal to max level. If an item current level is lower then the unlocked level it will gain experiance ten times faster. This can be furter increased with and experiance buff (to get the buff go to Premium catalogue and to see if the buff is on click the star on your paper doll menu)


- A Level 1/10/100 Cloak will take priority over a 11/10/100 Weapon

- Level 100/20/100 Gloves will take priority over a 30/10/100 Bracelet

- Level 5/30/100 Shoes will take priority over 3/10/100 Pants

- A Un-maxed Talisman takes priority over all

Every level you gain you will get 3 spending points and every 10 level 3 extra in total 327 points for level 100.