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On Lost City Shard you can craft custom levelable armor, weapons, cloths and jewels.

Level armor is one of the best stuff yo u can get here.

Level Stuff requires Badges of Slaying (loot out of monsters) and more materials (iron, leather, cloths) as usual armor to craft it.

Level Stuff can be crafted from players (high skill required) or buy from level Store in lost city (portal room yellow gate).

Hooded shroud of shadows only available thru questpoints not craftable anymore.

Information: Items with Artifact Rarity on it such as Doom Artifacts will not cost double spending points

also Artifacts from ilsh or champs will not take double spending points when you only apply Levelable item deed.

Now if you use weapon coating on artifact rarity weapons coating will NOT cost double points ANYMORE.

On each tool you will find levelable items to craft and if you have the required skill and materials you can start crafting them right away.

To craft any levelable piece you need the right tool tinker tool(lvl jewels), sewingkit (lvl leather armor), fletcher tool (lvl bows) or blacksmith hammer (lvl shield,weapon and armor) a lot of material and Badges of Slaying.

Leveling your Level items

As the name says it already you may need to level it up too.

On every level item the first 10 levels are for free then it goes up very slowly.

After level 10 you have to buy levelscrolls from City Gold vendor Stones (or Premium Book) on top of Lost City Bank and apply them with D/Click then target armor so the leveling progress quicker.

- Levelable items no longer require levelable deeds to level up, but will level up slower than those whose max level is higher than their level.

- Levelable items now require more experience to level up.

- You can only level one levelable item at a time, the rest will not recieve any experience. The order in which items level is:

Talisman, Weapon, Shield, Shoes, Pants, Shirt, Helm, Gloves, Ring, Neck, Waist, Inner Torso, Bracelet, Middle Torso, Earrings, Arms, Cloak, Outer Torso, Outer Legs, Inner Legs


Talisman will level due to fame of the target,

Levelable items will level due to fame, skills and attributes.


Items that are under max level take priority over items with level over or equal to max level


- A Level 1/10/125 Cloak will take priority over a 11/10/125 Weapon

- Level 100/20/125 Gloves will take priority over a 30/10/125 Bracelet

- Level 5/30/125 Shoes will take priority over 3/10/125 Pants

- A Un-maxed Talisman takes priority over all

- Added "Blessing of the lost" a buff that increases experience gained from kills.

- Double clicking the virtue icon on your paperdoll will now also open the buffs menu (for now only the experience buff will show up).

There is also chance to get a +1 level up scroll on grizzle or dreadhorn quest.

Max level on an item is 125 levels. At level 125 you will have 544 spending points available.

Each Level gives you 4 points 124*4 = 496 points plus 4 points every 10th level 12*4 = 48 that makes total of 544 points.

To gain Exp´s kill mosters yourself and be sure to wear the item you want gain exp if you just have it in your backpack.

If your pet kills a monster you will not get any Exp´s on your stuff.

With every level you gain you will get spending points wich you can use now on your item.

I recommend to take the item into your Backpack to add attributes.

To use spending points left click onces the item and press information. A window will show up with different attributes you can now add.

Choose your points wisely, a mistake there cannot be reset by you or any GM, this will be a player mistake and not a Bug thats why GM´s dont help in this case.

Look here for the Caps: Item Caps

Level Items you can wear:

6 Pieces of Gear such as Cap, Gorget, Sleeves, Tunic, Gloves and Legs;

3 Pieces of Jewels such as Glasses or Earring both use same slot so either one of them, Ring and Bracelet;

7 Pieces of cloths such as Robe or Hooded Shroud, Cloak, Shoes,Boots or Sandals, Fancy Shirt, Kilt or Skirt, Body Sash and Half Apron;

1 Weapon if you use 2 hand weapon you have no place for shield unless you apply 1 hand weapon deed to a 2hand weapon.

1 Shield

So with a complete set you shall have 18 level wearable pieces.

NEW EDIT Now you can buy from Premium Book Levelable Item Deed for 250 CG or for 50 Souls from soul vendor stone.

This Deed you can apply on any base Jewel, Armor, Weapon or Cloth item to make it Levelable, to add more Levels and Leveling works same as discribed on top.

Weapon Coating does not cost double spending points anymore.

YOUTHFUL DEED If you apply this deed to a levelable item you will transform the levelable item to a Youthfull item that can only go up to level 30 ( you can use this deeds "sold for gold"

to learn how levelable system works). But if you get attached to an item or you did a mistake you can use specila deed caled (YouthRemovalDeed) and item will become normal

again but you will have to pay Cg for transformation. How much City gold? well if you appliend " One YouthLevelableItem deed with 1 level gain " then 4 Cg if 2 applied then 8 cg if maxed then 80 cg .