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Overview of Item Caps

Lower Reagent Cost (LRC)- has a cap of 100 points or 100% each levelable can go up to 20 LRC points. Artifacts can have more.

You can achieve a total of 100% and successfully cast magery and necromancer spells without any reagents. While the tithing cost for Chivalry spells is also affected by LRC, a Paladin will need at least the minimum amount of tithing points required to cast the spell.

Lower Mana Cost (LMC) - has a cap of 40 points or 40% each levelable can go up to 10 LMC. Artifacts can have more.

The item property Lower Mana Cost (LMC) reduces the amount of Mana required to cast a spell (Magery, Mysticism, Chivalry, Necromancy, Bushido, Ninjitsu and Spellweaving) or use a special move.

Faster Casting (FC) - has a cap of 4 points, each point decrease cast time by 0,25 sec. levelables can go up to 4 FC. Doubt Artifacts goes higher.

FC cap is 4 but it only applies to chivalry with 70+ magery skill. Everythig else apart from spellweaving is capped at 2FC chivalry with less than 70 magery.

Faster Cast Recovery (FCR) - has a cap of 6 points, each point decrease the time needed to recover from casting by a small amount, the cap for level items is 4 FCR. Doubt any artifact goes higher.

Faster Cast Recovery (FCR) reduces the recovery time after casting a spell. When a spell is cast it can take a short period of time before another can be started. This period of recovery can be reduced or eliminate all together with Faster Cast Recovery. It takes a cumulative total of 6 to eliminate recovery time. Faster Cast Recovery affects Chivalry, Magery, Mysticism, Necromancy, Ninjitsu and Spellweaving spells.

Enhance Potions - has a cap of 50 points or 50% levelables are capped at 25 points. Artifacts can go higher.

Enhance Potions is an item property commonly found on jewelry. When a potion is used, its effectiveness will increase by the percentage of your cumulative Enhance Potions properties. Healing potions heal more points of damage, curing potions have a better chance to cure poison, etc. There is a total cap of 50%. If your character has the alchemy skill, the cap is raised 10% for every 33 skill points you have. At 99 Alchemy the cap is 80%.

Dex/Str/Int/Bonus - can be raised up to 8 points on each levelable item. Dex/Str/and Int have a rad cap of 160 meaning they cannot be raised further.

Health/Stamina/Mana/Bonus - Health Bonus can be raised 30 points on each levelable item rad cap is 150 on armor pieces with HP Deeds. Stamina & Mana Bonus can raise 8 points on each. Doubt there is a cap for it.

Damage Increase (DI) - has a cap of 300% and caps at 50% on levelable weapons.

Damage Increase, or DI, increases the damage you will do on a successful melee or ranged hit. It is applied before the targets resist (100% poison damage will still do 0 to a 100% poison resist target). Damage Increase

Defence Chance Increase (DCI) - has a cap of 45 points or 45%, but if you have it higher you still benefit from it after being hit lower defence and lower hit weapons (probably only in PvP) and cap at 15 points on levelables.

Defense Chance Increase (DCI) enhances your ability to defend yourself from melee or ranged attacks. It does not effect your chance to evade magical attacks. DCI works in addition to your chance to parry, or block an attack by using the Parrying skill.

Hit Chance Increase (HCI) - has a cap of 45 points or 45%, but if you have it higher you still benefit from it after being hit lower defence and lower hit weapons (probably only in PvP) and cap at 15 points on levelables.

Hit Chance Increase (HCI) is an item property that increases the probability to hit a target. HCI is capped at 45% for all races. However, HCI worn above the cap is included when calculating the impact of an opponent’s Hit Lower Attack modified weapon. Therefore, there are benefits to wearing HCI items that total more than your character's cap in certain player versus player combat situations.

Regenerations All - attributes caps at 18 points (think it goes 18 regenerated points per 10 sec) they cap at 4 points on each levelable item.

Self Repair - caps at 5 points per item and 10 Points on weapons that is also the cap for all levelables. Durability caps at 255/255.

When an item takes damage, the Self Repair property adds durability equal to its intensity (so SR 1 would add one point, SR 5 would add 5 points). It then sets a timer, and Self Repair doesn't go off again on that item for 60 seconds, even if the item gets damaged again. Durability Guide

Swing Speed Increase (SSI) - has a cap at 1,25 weapon speed. It depends on Stamina & swing speed increase.

SSI Guide % Calculator

Reflect Physical Damage (RPD) - has a cap of 105 points and has a cap of 15% on levelables.

Reflect Physical Damage is an item property commonly found on armor and shields. When a character is hit which has an item with this property equipped, a percentage of the physical damage will be reflected back on the attacker. However, the character who was hit will still receive all of the damage dealt and the attacker will resist a percentage of the reflected damage based on their physical resistance.

Resistances All - have a cap of 70 points (75 energy on elves chars). If you go higer it counts if you get hit with a resistance lowering spell or something, caps on levelables is 20 each item.

Hits - each hit & area effect has a cap of 100%. Levelables are capped at 50% each item.

Spell Damage Increase (SDI) - caps at 15% for PvP and no cap for PvM, so stack it as much as you can for levelables the cap is 40% per item.

Spell Damage Increase (SDI) is an item property that, surprisingly, increases the damage of most magical attacks that are cast. While this property is capped at 15% for PvP, the cap further increases from 15% to 30% for templates having no more than 30 modified skill points in another main skill like Magery, Necromancy, Mysticism, Focus, Ninjitsu, Bushido, Animal Taming, Musicianship, Chivalry and Spellweaving. For PvE there is no cap on spell damage, so pack it on.