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With every Account (max.3 Accs.) you are allowed to own 1 House on Lost City Shard.

important.: Private houses in lost city must be unattended for 6 months and only then they can be sold to another player. Other houses in the world are not for sale, All other houses will decay after one year if account is not active for that long and houses will perish with deletion of account.

With a house extansion deed you are allowed to place more than 1 house, you can buy as many as you want no upper limit set on extansion deeds (1 Deed = +1 House).

House extansion Deed is a Premium item bought from Premium Book on top of Lost City Bank for 500 CG.

Till yet Houses doesnt Decay, no refreshing is needed.

In order to place a house go to an architect and buy a house placement tool, hit to the location where you want to place your house and place it.

You must have enough Gold in bank to place the house.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IN-HOUSE TELEPORTER-S GO TO -> CUSTOMIZE -> CUSTOMIZE THIS HOUSE -> MISCELLANEOUS list a bit between sides and you will find teleporter tiles.

We also offer to place houses on water, unstable locations, sink into ground, into the mountains or merge 2 houses together.

Teleporter between 2 Houses can be setup easy by yourself. Just downlock them on the House were you want it and the second on the other House.

Prices are as followed:

Location Price - CG
House on Water 200 CG
House into Mountains 200 CG
Sink House into Ground 100 CG
Merge 2 Houses into 1 100 CG
Move to Unstable Location 100 CG
Move to another Location 70 CG
Teleporter between 2 houses 120CG
Teleporter from house to Lost City 40 CG