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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can i get all premium things without donating?

A: Yes, you can. We are not greedy. It just takes a little longer.

Q:What do i get for donating?

A: You are rewarded with 10 City Gold per 1EUR. Money goes for server maintenance and improvements Donations are automated. In the City you find the White Donation Stone. To make a donation double click it. A pop-up will show up asking you for your PayPal e-mail adress. To complete the donation and get rewarded you click on the white vendor stone to recieve your reward in your bank-box.

No you will not get any speacial treatment or items for donating to the shard.

Q:What is the stats cap?

A: 335 overall 365 with stats PS from Horrower. 125 per stats is max. Overall each stats cap is 160 with bonus on level gear.

Q: What is the skill cap?

A: There is no Skill cap. Each skill can be trained to 100 without powerscroll. From 100-120 you will need powerscroll to raise the skill. From 120-145 you can only raise your skill with a skillball.

Q: Is PvP on this Shard allowed?

A: Yes, but only in felucca.

Q; What are Badges of Slaying and where can i get it?

A: Badges of Slayings are a custom Shards currency. They look like blue colored ingots. They can be traded from player to player. They drop from all monsters except from rats. High fame monsters will drop them more often as low fame monsters, luck can slightly increase the chance to get more Badges of Slaying. At champ spawns ascended monster will drop a bos.

Q: What is City Gold and where can i get it?

A: City Gold is a donation reward, a custom shard currency. They look like blue gold coins. City Gold you can get for donations or trading between players. Several Events where you can win CG, also you can trade BoS into CG in front of LC Bank Blue Stone. Arround the world you can find Ascended monster wich will drop CityGold too (not Ascended monsters at champ spawn, but all other areas)

Q: What is Vet Coin (VeteranCoin) and where can i get it?

A: A Vet coin can be obtained by kiling hi end ascended monster or doing treasure map level 5 and above can also spawn hi end ascended monster. we use Vet coin for special auctions events on Sundays where we sell hi end premium items.

Q: How much does insurance cost?

A: 100 gold per item. You need gold in your bank for it to work.

Q: How do i insure my items?

A: To insure your items (armor, cloths ect.) single click on yourself and toogle item insurance than target each item you like to insure. Once you single click also do Auto Renew Inventory Insurance this means insurance will go on even after death, if you don not check this, items will only be insured 1 time till you die.

Q: What is a level-able item?

A: It is a custom item, that gains experience while killing monsters and gain ability points for each level that you can assign to attributes to it.

Q: Can level-able items be craftet?, and even with runic tools?

A: Yes they can be craftet and also crafted with runic tools at high crafting skills.

Q: How i start my own Guild?

A: Just Click Guild on your paperdoll, enter your Guildname and your Abbreviation further have 25k gold in your bank and click Okay.

Q: How to get bones from bone piles?

A: Just use scissors on the the pile.

Q: I can't buy X amount of brushes from the animal trainer!

A: You can only buy as many brushes as you have free Pet Slots on your Char. Now you can buy as many as you want on the Yellow Vendor Stone near Lost City Stable.

Q: Why Fishing SOS Bottles are not working?

A: They have been tested and work fine, you need more than 65 fishing and have to target the exact spot the SOS says also take note it can be in Felucca or Trammel(not in both).

Q: Why can't i ride my ethereal mount?

A: Usually Ethereals can be obtained as a veteran reward so unless you buy it from the Vendor Stone on top of the Lost city bank you have to be a veteran player to ride/use it as the item states 1yr. = 1 month.

Q:How to lose Young Player Status?'

A:Say "i renounce my young player status",

A:Bring your Skills up to 1200 Points

A:Playing longer than 1 Week.

A:Kill another player