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To play on The Lost City Shard we recommend using our client because we have many custom features built in, which will enhance your game experience.

Game installation:

First download client from 'The Lost City Shard' website.

Client Download

When the download is completed, double-click on the file, select where you wish to extract it to and then click the install button.

When the extraction to the selected location is complete, go to that file and double-click on the folder: Ultima Online - The Lost City Shard

Now depending if you wish to play in 2d or 3d, you look for Client_2d.exe or Client_3d.exe in The Lost City Shard folder and double-click it.

The client should start up and you are welcome and ready to play on Lost City Shard.

(3d client has larger, less cluttered backpack graphics, the 2d client has nicer graphics. Most modern computers can run either.)

Optional You can use UO Auto-map by double clicking on the uoam.exe file in the Ultima Online - The Lost City Shard folder.

Razor: (3rd party tool) download Razor from here


After Razor download is complete, execute Razor. (A shortcut should be available on your desktop.)

To start Razor, double-click the shortcut (on win7 rightclick and execute as admin)

Client Options

There is a drop-down list up top, in the Razor window that you can now choose to load either the 2d Client or 3d Client (auto detect).

(If 2d client doesn't work, try using 'client .exe,' that will usually solve the problem.)

UO Data Directory:

Here you click Browse and search for the Lost City File on your computer.

Usually it looks like; C:\Program Files\UO Lost City\The_Lost_City_shard.


In the box marked 'Server,' you enter following IP address: or and Port 2593.

Press 'ok' to login in with razor then enter account name and password to auto-create your character.

UO Assist: (3rd party tool)

UOA or UO Assist is another wonderful macro program that will open UO after being configured to The Lost City Shard.

UO Assist allows you to record movements and spells, set up organizers to unload your backpack, dress in your armor with the press of a button as well as many other helpful tools.

To download UOA simply do a web search and download from their website. It is readily available and safe.