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Private Vendors Stones

Private Vendor Stones can be bought from Vendor Stone on top of lost City Bank for City Gold or Souls.

Private Vendor Stones can be placed in your house or any other location even inside a dungeon.

Please do not place them in front of Lost City Bank since this is a high traffic area and recall spot for bank there, at side near the wall is no problem just not directly in front of the bank.

The advantege of this Vendors, you can sell item for any currency it can be City Gold Badges of Slaying Souls ect. and the vendor doesnt collect any daily vendor fee as usual vendors do.

If you wish to place your private vendor somewhere out of your home you will need to feed it with time. Vendor time Deed you can purchase at same vendor stone were you bought the private vendor. to place the vendor just put the vendor statue were you like it.

To Redeem your vendor click once on it and click cancel ,the vendor will now be in your backpack with the belongings he had on him.

To sell Items click the vendor once and click selling items.

A small window will pop up were you see

Currency: Click the button and target the currency you like

Price: Click the Button and enter your price

Description: Click the button and enter a description

Time: If your vendor is standing outside of your house you have to add time to the vendor (just frop time on it) in the time section you will see for how long it will stay at the place.

When vendors time is up and you forgot to fill it with more time he will dissapear from the place and all his items will be in your backpack inclusive the vendor.

New Player Vendor Market

There is a New place for Player Vendors in Lost City East from the LC Bank.

To rent a Vendor there simply doubleclick a mat there.

First Vendor will cost you 100 Gold

Second Vendor will cost you 1.000 Gold

Third Vendor will cost you 10.000 Gold

Fourth Vendor will cost you 100.000 Gold

Fifth Vendor will cost you 1.000.000 Gold and so on every more Vendor will add a 0 to his rental price.

This prices are 1 Time payment. The Vendors are usually the same as you can purchase from the Banker and rent or for your own home.

Daily Fee is same as on the normal Vendors. The base fee for a vendor is 60 gold per 24 hours. The vendor increase his charge by 3 gold per 500 gp worth of a single item.

You can customize them or redress with different cloths.

In case your vendor run out of money he will dissapear and the gold and items will drop into your bank.