Custom Shard Changes

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The normal Orc has a 5% chance of critically hitting you.
Rats and Sewer Rats can call for help(works for both wild and tamed).
Slimes and corrosive slimes split in three after they are killed(works for both wild and tamed).
Lizardmen can spit acid on attack.
Orc mages have a small chance when hit to fire fireballs at multiple surrounding targets.
Blessed Bag - To storage and keep blessed items in it such as rune/spellbooks. The Bag itself is blessed it doesnt bless items.
Tome of Storage - combines runic & ash tools for multiuses to make big amounts also you can remove a certain amount of uses from it. 
Only 1 kind of each (runic or ash tool possible) at the time to combine. remove uses for another kind to combine. Book can be insured.
Skeletal mages can heal surrounding allies as well as damage surrounding foes.
Balrons sometimes use a type of mirror image.
Albino Monster / Pets can be tamed and are 10% stronger than normal pets and monsters.
Ascended monster ascended pets cannot be tamed. Ascended monster (in the world) have 1 CG in their loot and they are 10 times stronger than normal monsters.
Ascended spawn has been increased by 23% and randomly they drop level up scrolls +1, +5, +10, +15 or +20 level up scroll.
Ascended monster (at champ area) have 1 Badge of Slaying in their loot and they are 10 times stronger than normal monsters.
Fire Field (Mage Spell) changes: if your magic resist is higher than the casters magery you get 1 dmg per second and if its lower you get the casters (magery -your resist)/10 dmg.
Vendors buy items again but sell items for way higher price. The idea behind is more player to player actions/sellings.
Withers z-axis has increased from +/-3 to +/-10 (you can now use it to kill things from higher/lower).
Being under the influence of the protection spell will no longer make magic resistance powerscrolls unworkable.
You can now craft a random lumber-jacking powerscroll with carpentry tool.