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Custom Ore on Lost City Shard:

With 120 real mining Skill you will get all colors of Ore, but above Blaze it will be very rare.

Best is to get 120 or even 145 real mining skill. +20 Mining gloves will increase your melt chance.

100 Mining Skill and wearing +20 mining gloves will not mine above blaze it has to be real skill for ores above blaze.

There is no specific place to get high Ores, in every mine you will be able to find them, ores are set to random here, but on the new rocks you will see what you mine by color.

Mining on ground requieres the shovel only (pickaxe doesnt work on ground anymore) only mining the new rocks works only with pickaxe, gargoyle pickaxe and prospector tool.

Mining system got changed, from now on metal vein will spawn arround the world that will be colored depending on the rescources they give.

To mine the rocks you need to do so with pickaxe, prospector tool or gargoyle pickaxe, shovel is still used to mine from ground with old system and for sand.

Gargoyle pickaxe upgrades the ore by 1 level and has a chance to spawn an elemental, the downside is that you cannot get mining gems from harvesting with a gargoyle pickaxe.

Mining Gems you can find at 100 mining skill and they appear random in your Backpack.

The prospectors tool now does not upggrade the ore but it increases the chance of finding a gem by x2.

Veins have 25 ores in them, if your skill in mining is 120 you get a bonus of 1 ore per harvest, if your skill is 140 you get another bonus 1 ore per harvest.

All veins in felucca reward a bonus for 1 ore per harvest so in theory you can gain 40 ores from a 25ore vein.

You can find the new veins in mines and dungeons, but it might take a while for the spawner to spawn a noticable amount of veins.

You cannot mine while beeing mounted so dismount before

Minimum Skill Maximum Skill Custom Ore Custom Ore Color
0 mining 95 mining Iron Ore Redish Ore Color
60 mining 100 mining Dull Copper Ore Grey Ore Color
65 mining 105 mining Shadow Ore Black Ore Color
70 mining 110 mining Copper Ore Light Brown Ore Color
75 mining 115 mining Bronze Ore Dark Brown Ore Color
80 mining 120 mining Gold Ore Golden Ore Color
85 mining 125 mining Agapite Ore Light Redish/Pink Ore Color
90 mining 130 mining Verite Ore Green Ore Color
95 mining 135 mining Valorite Ore Blueish Ore Color
100 mining 140 mining Blaze Ore Lightning Yellow Ore Color
105 mining 145 mining Ice Ore Ice Blue Ore Color
110 mining 150 mining Toxic Ore Lightning Green Ore Color
115 mining 155 mining Electrum Ore Purple Ore Color
119 mining 159 mining Platinum Ore Ice White Ore Color

Custom Wood on Lost City Shard:

To gather the Wood you like chop the trees with the appropriate color.

Black Trees will give Deathwood, Red Trees will give you Bloodwood and so on.

Maximum Skill you can get is 145 Lumberjack, that means even with max skill of 145 you wont have 100% chance to get frostwood or deathwood.

under 120 LJ Skill = 10 boards per chop, 120 LJ Skill = 11 boards per chop and 145 LJ Skill = 12 boards per chop

Note: Trees do now respawn on timer as 1 is less in the world (completly chopped down, please dont leave stump otherwise it will not respawn)

1 will spawn somewhere random in the world with same color as you just chopped down

You cannot chop wood while beeing mounted so dismount before.

Minimum Skill Maximum Skill Custom Wood Custom Tree Color
0 skill 95 skill Regular Brown Tree Color
10 skill 100 skill Pine Dark Blue Tree Color
20 skill 105 skill Ash Grey Tree Color
30 skill 110 skill Mohogany Light Yellowish Tree Color
40 skill 115 skill Yew Dark Yellowish Tree Color
50 skill 120 skill Oak Light Blue Tree Color
60 skill 125 skill Zircote Green Tree Color
70 skill 130 skill Ebony Orange Tree Color
80 skill 135 skill Bamboo Ice Blue Tree Color
90 skill 140 skill Heartwood Dark Purple Tree Color
100 skill 145 skill Bloodwood Red Tree Color
109 skill 150 skill Frostwood White Tree Color
119 skill 155 skill Deathwood Black Tree Color