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Champ Spawn Instruction

Upon activation, 2 or 3 different types of monsters will begin spawning within the area around the altar. This spawn may seem easy now but it will quickly gain in strength as each level is attained. As you kill the spawn white candles will appear in the altar's center. Each white candle represents 20% advancement to the next red candle. One white candle is 20%, 2 white candles is 40%, etc. Upon reaching 100% a red candle will appear on the edge of the altar. If you do not kill enough spawn within 10 minutes of the first monster being killed at that level, all white candle advancement will be reset to 0. If you do not advance at least 20% at a single level, then 1 red candle will disappear and the spawn will begin moving backwards. Once you have gained enough red candles, the spawn will increase the strength of the spawn. This means 2 or 3 higher level monsters will begin spawning which were tougher than the previous. Since the monsters are tougher, it also requires fewer kills to advance the spawn. The number of red candles for spawn strength enhancement also varies slightly. If the spawn is currently not active (no red candles on altar) you can manually activate it by using the Valor Virtue. If none of your party are Knight of Valor, then you will have to seek another champion spawn. Here is a chart detailing specifics of how many need to be killed and when the spawn will increase in strength:

To activate a champion spawn doubleclick the virtue symbol on your paperdoll. You have to be knight of valor to on the champion spawn. Click the red sword symbol and target the champion idol to on the spawn. Killing monsters at champion spawns lets you regain your valor virtue.

Level Red Candles Monsters to Kill
Level 1 1 to 5/6 256
Level 2 5/6 to 9/10 128
Level 3 9/10 to 13/14 64
Level 4 13/14 to 16 32

Champion Spawn Locations:


Spirituality Champion Spawn - Northeast of Spirituality Moongate *Coordinates: 45o 21'N 22o 38'E (X: 1645 Y: 1108)

Humility Champion Spawn (Random)- Northeast of Humility Moongate *Coordinates: 61o 20'N 60o 32'W (X: 462 Y: 926)

Valor Champion Spawn (Random) - Southwest of Valor Moongate *Coordinates: 113o 49'N 66o 1'W (X: 329 Y: 384)

Felucca Dungeons

Abyss Spawn - First Level of Fire Dungeon, inside the back tunnels *Coordinates: Sextant Inoperable (X: 1351 Y: 5814)

Arachnid Spawn - Northwest corner of Terathan Keep *Coordinates: Sextant Inoperable (X: 1605 Y: 5189)

Cold Blood Spawn - First level of Destard, towards the back near the shrine *Coordinates: Sextant Inoperable (X: 837 Y: 5259)

Unholy Terror Spawn - Third level of Deceit, towards the center *Coordinates: Sextant Inoperable (X: 708 Y: 5178)

Vermin Horde Spawn - Second Level of Despise, on the old Ogre Lord Island *Coordinates: Sextant Inoperable (X: 826 Y: 5557)

Lost Lands / Felucca

The names for random spawns were made by players and are taken from the closest location, landmark, or Lost Lands entrance.

Bog (Random Spawn) - At the center of Hoppers Bog, Southeast of Papua *Coordinates: 31o 54'S 1o 15'E (X: 3475 Y: 5954)

City of the Dead (Random Spawn) - North of Delucia *Coordinates: 48o 58'S 51o 11'W (X: 3635 Y: 5208)

City of the Dead (Master of the Arts Spawn) - North of Delucia *Coordinates: 44 12´S 43 14´W (x: 5321 Y: 3615)

Damwin (Random Spawn) - Southast of Marble Island Passage Exit, North of the City of the Dead *Coordinates: 22o 30'S 49o 55'W (X: 3368 Y: 5282)

Desert(Random Spawn) - West of Fire Dungeon entrance, Northwest of Papua *Coordinates: 17o 13'N 21o 5'W (X: 2916 Y: 5636)

Forest Lord Spawn - Northeast of Delucia, Southwest of the exit to Vesper Cemetery Passage *Coordinates: 56o 41'S 26o 31'W (X: 3757 Y: 5559)

Ice East (Random Spawn) - Northeast of Wyvern Isle, Use the teleporter East of Delucia to reach *Coordinates: 62o 34'N 7o 10'E (X: 2400 Y: 6038)

Ice West (Random Spawn) - Northwest of the Lost Lands Lighthouse, Use back exit of Ice Dungeon to reach *Coordinates: 66o 5'N 29o 52'W (X: 2360 Y: 5511)

Khaldun (Random Spawn) - South of Khaldun Dungeon, Southwest of Minoc North Mines Passage *Coordinates: 67o 40'S 3o 14'E (X: 3882 Y: 5982)

Marble (Random Spawn) - East of Marble Island Passage Exit, West of Terathan Keep Entrance *Coordinates: 5o 11'S 47o 10'W (X: 5265 Y: 3171)

Oasis (Random Spawn) - Southwest of Lost Lands Lighthouse, West of Ophidian Lair *Coordinates: 41o 29'N 27o 12'W (X: 2640 Y: 5549)

Terra Sanctum (Random Spawn) - East of Fire Dungeon entrance, Northeast of Papua, Only accessable by Boat *Coordinates: 14o 51'N 6o 57'E (X: 2943 Y: 6035)

Tortoise (Random Spawn) - Southwest of Khaldun dungeon, Northwest of Temple Island Teleporter *Coordinates: 77o 15'S 14o 15'S (X: 3991 Y: 5724)

Tokuno Islands

Sleeping Dragon Spawn - South of the Fan Dancer Dojo, Northwest of Mount Sho *Coordinates: 104o 45'N 26o 22'W (X: 432 Y: 948)

Champ Spawn Tiers

Master of the Arts:

Felucca, Near City of Death, North-East of Delucia

Level 1 Baby Bellops and Carpenter Automatons

Level 2 Bellops and Tailor Automatons

Level 3 Strong Bellops and Blacksmith Automatons

Level 4 Burnts Ones and Fletcher Automatons

Champion Master of the Arts

Unholy Terror (Neira):

Felucca, Fire

Level 1 Ghouls, Shades, Spectres and Wraiths

Level 2 Bone Magi, Mummies and Skeletal Mages

Level 3 Bone Knights, Skeletal Knights and Liches

Level 4 Lich Lords and Rotting Corpses

Champion Neira the Necromancer

Sleeping Dragon (Serado the Awakened):

Tokuno, Northwest of Shrine of Isamu

Level 1 Deathwatch Beetle Hatchlings and Lizardmen

Level 2 Deathwatch Beetles and Kappas

Level 3 Lesser Hiryus and Revenant Lions

Level 4 Hiryus and Onis

Champion Serado the Awakened

Abyss (Semidar):

Felucca, Lost Land

Level 1 Imps and Greater Mongbats

Level 2 Gargoyles and Harpies

Level 3 Fire Gargoyles and Stone Gargoyles

Level 4 Daemons and Succubi

Champion Semidar

Forest Lord (Lord Oaks):

Ilshenar, Northeast of Spirituality shrine

Level 1 Pixies and Shadow Wisps

Level 2 Ki-Rins and Wisps

Level 3 Centaurs and Unicorns

Level 4 Ethereal Warriors and Serpentine Dragons

Champion Lord Oaks and Silvani

Cold Blood (Rikktor):

Felucca, Destard

Level 1 Lizardmen and Snakes

Level 2 Lava Lizards, Ophidian Warriors and Ophidian Enforcers

Level 3 Drakes, Ophidian Justicars and Ophidian Zealots

Level 4 Dragons, Ophidian Avengers and Ophidian Knight-Errants

Champion Rikktor

Vermin Horde (Barracoon):

Felucca, North of the entrance to Despise

Level 1 Giant Rats and Slimes

Level 2 Dire Wolves and Ratmen

Level 3 Hell Hounds and Ratman Mages

Level 4 Ratman Archers and Silver Serpents

Champion Barracoon the Piper

Archanid (Mephitis):

Felucca, Terathan Keep

Level 1 Scorpions and Giant Spiders

Level 2 Terathan Drones and Terathan Warriors

Level 3 Dread Spiders and Terathan Matriarchs

Level 4 Poison Elementals and Terathan Avengers

Champion Mephitis