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Bulk Order Deeds(Bods) are requests made to Players by NPC to complete a Bulk Order of something.

You can get Bulk Order Deeds in Taming, Blacksmith, Tailoring, Carpentry.

Taming Bods are requested and returned to Animal Trainers

Blacksmith Bods are requested and returned to Armourers or Blacksmiths

Tailoring Bods are requested and returned to Tailors

Carpentry Bods are requested and returned to Carpenters

Completing Bods will grant a player a certain amount of gold and a reward.

Small Bods:

Simply Craft the necessary amount of items meeting Bod specifications.

-Exceptional Items will always fit into Normal Small Bods

When you double click on a Bod, it will have an option saying: Combine this deed with the requested item near the bottom.

Simply click the combine option and target each item you've crafted for the Bod until it is full.

Large Bods

In order to fill a Large Bulk Order Deed, each item listed must be completed with an equal Small Bulk Order Deed.

For Example: You have a Large Blacksmith BOD : 10 Chain. Coif, 10 Chain.Leggings, 10 Chain. Tunic : Iron: Normal

You must fill out a small bod corresponding to each item listed, meaning you need to complete 3 Small Bods:

10 Chainamil Coif : Iron : Normal 10 Chainmail Leggings : Iron : Normal 10 Chainmail Tunic : Iron : Normal

-Exceptional Small Bods will always fit into Normal Large Bods

Once the Small Bods are completed, they can be added to the Large Bod similarly to adding items to a Small Bod.

Turning in & Claiming Bods

To turn in a Bod, drag on to the pertinent NPC.

Claiming New Bods

You can claim a new Bod of any kind, right after turning in a Bod.

You can get a new Bod depending on your skill.

With 30 skill you can get a Bod every hour as higher your skill as longer it takes to get another Bod but as higher and better Bod chance you have.

Players will often fill out easy, low-level bods en masse in order to reset the timer repeatedly and claim new Bods:

After turning in a Bod, remember to claim your new Bod.

This process will allow a player to quickly and easily try to get a Sm.Bod they might need for a L.Bod, or better Bods to sell. BOD Books

There are two types of BOD Books. One holds all crafting type bods. The second one is strictly for taming bods.

Options to filter the books based skill-type, on amount and resource are available, but many players choose to have separate books for each of the crafts.

Players can also set prices on the right of a listed bod, and sell them on vendors.

Remember to make sure the book is set not for sale in the vendor's pack, or a player can buy your whole book for 999gp.