Alcohol Brewing

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To start brewing you need first an empty alcohol keg, same way as you can make potion kegs.

Alcohol kegs you find in carpentry menu under misc. Add-Ons.

A Destillary can be found on tinkermenu under miscellaneous, this is the table you need to place at your home to brew alcohol.

Bag of alcohol supplies can be found on certain monsters.

Ingredients you need are:

*Yeast: – Yeast % decides the amount of alcohol in your keg at 100% the amount is 20 and 1 lower for every 5% less

*Wheat Wort: – the better the quality the longer the effect

*Sack of Potatoe: – Vodka brew — effect look like an impaler and gives speed boost

*Berries: – Gin brew — effect is like incognito spell (temporary different name)

*Anise, Fennel and Grande Wormwood: – Absinthe brew — effect summons a green fairy (takes up pet slots)

From Veteran Rewards you can get a Goblin Brew — effect converts you into a goblin

Stand by the Distillery and double click the alcohol keg. It will then let you target ingredients. You will need one yeast, one wheat wort and one of either berries, sack of potatoes or the sack of Anise, Fennel and Grande Wormwood.

To get your brew into a drinkable form, you need an alcohol bottle which is made with sand and glassblowing. If you have enough skill to get glassblowing (GM) you will have 100% chance of making one.

Wheat Wort lasting Details:

very poor – 1 second per day of age

poor – 2 seconds per day of age

below average – 3 seconds per day of age

average – 4 seconds per day of age

good – 5 seconds per day of age

high – 6 seconds per day of age

exceptional – 10 seconds per day of age