Talisman of Power

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Talisman of Power

Talisman of Power can be bought from Premium Book for 900 CG or it has low chance to drop on an Etheral Monster.

Etheral Monster also has a little bit better chance to drop also a Talisman Level deed +1 Level for the Talisman of Power.

The Talisman Level Deed is cursed means it can be stolen by player or monster or you can lose it if you die and dont get your corpse in time.

Once you have the Talisman of Power you need to equip it on paperdoll.

Than you need to level it by killing monsters.

If equipped on Human Bio it will not level up.

Leveling this special Talisman takes much longer as you are used from normal Level Gear.

After you finish leveling the Talisman you can apply it on any NON Level (Loot or Runic crafted) armor part or weapon.

At level 150 you have 600 points available to spend on your new item than.

NON Level Artifact weapon will not cost double points while spending points.