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Normal Moongates/ Sparkles

Beside usual moongates we use custom sparkle gates too.

Near every usual moongate you will recognize 2 different sparkle gates. Small light blue onces and golden color onces.

The light blue sparkles will lead you direct to Lost City.

The other golden sparkles will lead you to the bank in the city direct near the usual moongate.

Also we do have Gate Portal Room wich will have Portals to almost all Trammel, Felucca, Malas, Ilsh and Tokuno Dungeons.

The Gate Portal Room you enter opposite the Questtable in Lost City.

Gemini from House to House Teleporter

The Gemini House To House Teleporter you can buy from Blue Vendor Stone at Lost City Architect.

It costs 120 Citygold. You will get a bag with 2 teleporters inside.

If you like you can dye them with CG dye tubs.

You need to downlock them on your house where you wish to place the telporters.

They can be downlocked on houses that are set to private or open to public.

Shop Gates for rent

Around the Lost City you find small red carpets wich you can rent for a gate from that place to your shop.

Rent cost is 1 Million Gold one time and daily 30.000 gp & 5 badges of Slaying. All will be withdrawn from your bank.

Doubleclick the small carpet, agree on rent term and you will receive a shield portal which you need to downlock

at your shop inbetween of 5 minutes otherwise it will just vanish.

Your Shop has to be open to public to place the new teleporter.

You can color your shield portal with the CG dyes before you downlock it so you will have an eyecatcher teleporter on both portals.

You also can give your portal a name when you doubleclick the portal shield on the carpet location.

New Shop Gate will disappear after 14 days not being online or when you run out of Gold or Badges of Slaying in your bank