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For 1 USD you will get 10 City Gold Coins also occasionally some Copper Coins, Badges of Slaying or Bonus Item.

Donations help us to cover server cost, advertising and further development of the shard. Every Dollar helps. THANK YOU.

You can donate from;



Ingame next to Lost City Museum at Blue Donation Stone.

Ingame Donations

First find the blue donations stone. (PayPal Link Stone)

It is West of Lost City Bank next to Lost City Museum.

Double click Donations Stone and follow instructions.

When you use Modzilla please be sure to have Modzilla opend before you start to click the donation Stone.

Very important after that, you go 3 steps East and complete your donation by entering your email adress to the white venor stone.

Follow instructions on White Stone so click OK to get reward in your bank box click Cancel to get reward later when Unass is online,

due to real life this could take some time, i advise to always click OK to recieve reward immediately in your bank.

Bonus Donation Items are not automated it will always delivered later when Unass is online during 24h.

This comes in a special Bag in your bank with also a book.

New Donation Currencies

You can also use blockchain means of payment. All payment will be transfered to USD upon donation and that will determine the amount of City Gold.

BTC - Bitcoin Wallet Address: 32he7nJFWEtSRQa5o54cZGYwM6CfugAoZ9

ETH - Etherium Wallet Address: 0x8623614e2aef0b785c9db192fa3c4e31e8aff8f0

XRP - Ripple Wallet Address: rHqNtc3omAauGGnemfxrBAdUiqEvzDFP7B

LTC- Litecoin Wallet Address: M8pwReWJ9toSFv6Sjs7TYZRpZyq3Xnc4Jc

When you donate with any of those Currencies the time will freeze no matter if the value will go up or down.

You will always get the amount of City Gold as the value of that currency was at the donation time, when transfered to USD.

This new donation currencies are not automated so please after donating with new currencies send email to with following information:

Account Name, Character Name;

The amount of the currency you donated.