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Players with 100 Animal Taming & 100 Tinkering can become Bio Engineers. Bio Engineering is the process in which the player gathers DNA from other creatures to form a new creature with stats of the creature that were used in sampling the DNA. To hold sucessful a bio pet you need to have at least 120 Taming and Lore.

In order to become a Bio Engineer, you will need a Bio Engineer Tool(taming bod reward), a bio Engineer Book (taming bod reward, questreward or CG vendor stone) and a lot of organic material (collect from Monster). After reading the book you can then use the tool to make the items (Vials, vial set)needed.

You will need a lot of Organics in order to craft with the bio tool. Organics can be taken from:

Evil Bio Engineers: somewhere arround east of Luna.

Evil Geneticists: somewhere arround east of Luna and at ilsh in volcanic lair dungeon.

Genetic Failures: arround yew fel & trammel and at ilsh in volcanic lair dungeon.

Abominations: at ilsh volcanic lair dungeon and deep inside Fel dungeons Wrong, Hythloth, Despice, covetous and Deceit respawn time 6 hours and random.

Prepairing for sample DNA

1. Get a bio engineer book because you need it in order to craft any of the vials or deeds. They are a bod reward for animal taming, you can buy them for roughly about 500k (only need to read it once), questreward points or CG vendor stone.

2. You'll need bio tools. they run about 10k per charge or you can get them from doing animal taming bods as a reward or CG vendor stone.

3. You'll need 1 bottle, 15 ingots, 1000 organics and 1 charge on a bio tool to create 1 empty DNA vial.

4. You are going to need 3 bottles, 15 ingots, 5000 organics and 1 charge on a bio tool to create a empty vial set. This holds your sampled DNA.

So you finally crafted 4 empty vials of DNA. Now for the sampling part: humanoid bios are so far the best bios on the shard. Beasts are just for show and tell really.

Start to sample DNA from monsters of your choise and create the best pet ingame

There are 4 types of DNA: Prowess, Environment, Mental and Mimic. Each type of DNA gathers a set of stats, resists, and even damages. Once a player gathers all four types of DNA, they can add it to a DNA Vial Set. Once the player has a full DNA Vial set, they can if done everything right put max. 29 points on 5 categories on ther the bio menu. If you have less points to spend you may have something done wrong. Fails will happen randomly.

There are 3 hint you must know to get 29 points on a bio to spend:

1. have some luck 500+

2. be intelligent min. 140 int

3. sorry wont reveal and take the fun of exploring....

Prowess: This type of DNA deals with power. It determines the amount of Str, Hits, Damage, Physical Resistance and Fighting Skills a creature has.

Environment: This type of DNA deals with resists and speed. It determines the amount of Dex, Stam, Fire resists, Cold resist and Poisoning Skill.

Mental: This type of DNA deals with magic and mind power. It determines the amount of Int, Mana, Energy & Poison Resists and Magic skills.

Mimic: This type of DNA deals with power moves and looks of the creature. It determines the body form, sound and power moves & counter attacks.

Power Moves (on mimic DNA)

Power Moves and Counter Attacks are moves only a bio creature can do. They are fairly powerful, however the moves require stamina, and if the creature does not have enough stamina they will not be able to perform the moves.

Trial By Fire This attack does multi-fire attacks to the bio's current target.

Acid Rain This attack does an area poison attack.

Comet Attack This attack does an area physical attack.

Call of Nature This attack calls all untamed creatures in the area to attack the bio's current target.

Ice Blast This attack does a cold attack to the bio's current target and sends ice spikes that will do cold damage to any agressive target moving in the area.

Counter Attacks (on mimic DNA)

Counter Healing This counter will heal the bio.

Blunt Attack This counter will do a physical attack to the bio's current target.

Counter Poison This counter will do a poison attack to the bio's current target.

Human Bio Pets

Human bios are one of the best pets you can obtain in the game. You can equip them with lvlarms, lvlarmor, lvlclothes and a lvlshield to make them become quite a formidable tank. To Equip your Bio Pet open its paperdoll and drop armor you want to equip on the paperdoll. Be sure that the items you give it are either Blessed or Insured, so that if (when) the bio dies, the items will stay with its ghost. Human bios can also ride mounts (no speed increase, unfortunately).

Bio Pets are same as normal pets you have to feed them regular to keep its loyality up and prevent them to go wild!!! Always take care if you are overloaded and shrink bio pets they can fall on ground and GM will not recover it for you!!! If you decide to go and hunt with your unbondet bio it can die and not be recovered GM might be able to get it back but that will cost CG

Bio Pets cannot breed and will not Level up even when you see Levels on them. Resists are all capped at 80on Bio Pets even you set it higher on lvl aromr will not go overcap anymore.

Bio Commands see at All commands in the new player section or type bios name and help.